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About Akara Technologies

A business development service provider catering to clients in the continental United States and Europe. Our deep contacts allows us to not only make strategic introductions of your offerings to the decision makers but also allows us to guide your organization through the initial phases of vendor registration. We offer business development services in the following areas

  • Oil & Gas
  • IoT
  • Drives & Controls
  • Automotive Revenue Management
  • Advanced Industrial Materials and Coatings

Our Services


We provide clients with tailored solutions for the business growth strategies. We rely on creativity and unique contacts to deliver specific results to clients in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.


We assist clients in setting up and building strategic relationships and alliances with organizations that are helpful in furthering the current relationship. These include organization such as universities, research centres and government entities. With such partnerships, clients can benefit from expertise, technologies, IP to expand their offerings, and market reach thus avoiding having to incur the cost for acquiring them themselves.

Relationship Sustenance

We use our relationships within and across verticals to provide timely assistance and guidance to alert our clients of changing market conditions and competitve landscape. We have noticed that this helps our clients navigate roadmap and priority changes in a pro-active manner.

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Email: info@akaratechnologies.com
Web: www.akaratechnologies.com

Location: DSO-THUB-G-D-FLEX-G013F
Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai - UAE

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